48 Gray Years


This collection is centered around the final chapters of two people's life stories: my grandpa and aunt Mehri. Aunt Mehri was proud and boastful, and she used various excuses to keep my grandpa's son with her, manipulating him to get everything she wanted. She accepted her selfishness but refused to give up on the boy, making everyone else his enemy and herself his only friend. To prove her love for him, she gave him everything she had and forgot about herself. As the boy grew up, so did his curiosity, but aunt Mehri's love for him and fear of losing him continued to grow. Her fears came true in a different way: the boy became a man and, having been taught not to care about his birth family, did not care about aunt Mehri either and went his own way.

My grandpa, who had come a long way to build a family, lost his only son before he could see him grow. Aunt Mehri took his son from him and refused to give him back, and my grandpa did not have the strength to fight for him. The loss left him hollow, and he became self-centered in his battle against the person who stole his son. Every day was darker than the last, and life only became more difficult with problem after problem and fear after fear. When his son finally decided to return to him, my grandpa was so consumed by darkness that he was unrecognizable. His son could not return to him, so he went his own way.

This collection is the conclusion of a tale filled with sorrow, animosity, and love. It is the story of two people who fought over something they never truly owned, and it left them with nothing but sadness and memories that did not bring them any happiness or joy. It is not a beautiful tale, and there is no happy ending for anyone involved.

Aunt Mehri's family

My grandfather's family