Like People Who Doesn't M​​​atter How Close Their Houses Are


Loneliness has always been a source of fear for me. I've struggled to avoid it, desperately grasping onto anything or anyone to keep it at bay. Much like those who choose to live in close proximity to others, hoping for a sense of community and support during trying times, or like someone who hugs themselves tightly to feel the comfort of another's embrace, I've always yearned for assistance. I've chased after people, emulated their behavior, and attempted to blend in so that I would not feel alone, even when my inner turmoil left me feeling shattered. However, as I regained my senses, I came to the realization that I had lost myself in the process. I'd been running my entire life, only to find that loneliness had taken root within me. It's like those who live in close proximity to others, but still find themselves alone in the end.