Single Photos

An old man sitting in the central bazaar, Ardabil, Iran

A boy playing in the graveyard, East Azerbaijan, Iran

An afghan girl playing with her friends, a village near Varamin, Iran

A man walking on the street on a spring night, Varamin, Iran

Garbage collector boy crossing the railway line, Varamin, Iran

In front of the Palace of Justice in Strasbourg, France

Door of the construction field in the university, Strasbourg, France

Historical religious tomb, Eyvanekey, Iran

A kid playing hide and seek with her mother, village Of Shoaib Abad, Tehran, Iran

An Iranian woman at the demonstration in the European Parliament, Strasbourg, France

Two boys playing with shepherd dogs in the countryside, Varamin, Iran

In the carnival of Fastnacht, Kehl, Germany

An afternoon in a village's park, near varamin, Iran

Two men in tramway, Strasbourg, France

An afghan girl in the bazaar, pishva, Iran

Kids playing in the construction site, Pishva, Iran

In a construction field, Strasbourg, France

A visitor of Saint Stepanos Monastery, East Azerbaijan, Iran

In the tramway, Strasbourg, France